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Thanks to Joe Podlesnick for sending this to me, part of his campaign to torture my geek side.  Having just shelled out for an Sony ExCam 1 which despite having it now 2 months I have messed with no more than 30 minutes, Joe sends me the latest updates on the sexy (and very intelligently designed) Red Cam.

I confess that it looks ideal for a fantasized cross-country film I have a mind to make, for landscapes.  Dream on.  On the other hand the basic system doesn’t look so awfully expensive.  Check the Red Cam for a long enticing bit of info.

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  1. This lil’ number is what’s supposed to blow the roof off the sucker. Be the game-changer everyone is supposed to always be looking for. So far, no one has jumped. A bunch of fellows have sampled it, but no cigar. Closest I’ve heard is that Terry Malick shot some footage– no, wait, that’s not right, he captured some imagery, it’s digital, right?– for his upcoming “The Tree Of Life”. Of course, there is absolutely no guarantee that any of what he got will ever make the cut. This camera is supposed to be a honey, though. I think it’s fugly, but it probably makes up for it’s lack of sexiness in what it can accomplish technically.

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