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Our Great Leader

Yep, it done come and went, and the ornery Congressional critters done said “nope” to the Pope, and now we’re in a heap of shit.  The market dropped nearly 800, gol’dern.  Meantime the critics been kickin’ me around saying I ain’t worth a heap of shit no more.  Gol’dern.

Indeed Our Great Leader has been getting knocked around of late whenever he comes out of hiding to play President.  And his surrogate Mr McCain can’t seem to get his how-to-play-hero shtick down yet.  Blunder-busing left and right, he’s even got his on side thoroughly confused as to who/what he is.  We await Ms Palin’s revelations in a few more nights.

So the drama of America’s implosion runs in sync with the Republican’s evident desire to force the issue.  If indeed the economy unravels in the next week or so, or at least before Nov 4, it would appear they’d pick up the lion’s share of credit for it.  Which they deserve, just as Wall Street, certainly doesn’t deserve a bail-out remotely like that which Mr Paulson, evidently a complete fool when it comes to politics, however slick a fiscal con artist he apparently is, proposed.  So we await “the markets” judgment on the latest back-room maneuvers, to go up, or down, or what.  My guess is a temporary bounce, and then the further revelation that yet another biggie or two are living on phantom money and funny numbers.  My reading about the derivatives matter suggests that in fact there is a quadrillion bucks tied up in this shell game of slicing and dicing debt as if it would invert it into an asset.  A quadrillion is a number you can’t fathom, and apparently neither did the big-wigs downtown or in DC.  That’s in debt.  Being pawned off on you.  Thanks guys.


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