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Just a note to say posted new item on  In case you are interested while you watch the US economy (finally – I’d been saying it’d do so for some time now) crumple up inside its contradictions and fraudulence.  Seems the fiscal situation is finally coming to some kind of end game.

Emblematically, a few images:

Our Great Leader surveys his kingdom, and the swift young men of London make a killing (along with Damien Hirst).

Meantime I’d be interested in any first-hand accounts of how what’s happening in the US economy is hitting anyone here – mortgages, credit-card debt, loss of job, etc.


  1. nice images

  2. Jon – Teaching at a public university in Southeast Wisconsin, which was an economic wasteland pre-George (the number two), I have noticed a telling transformation in the student body. Many students have had to drop out because they can no longer afford college (even with loans), only to be replaced by a deluge of new (wealthier) students that can no longer afford private schools and seem to see the university as a kind of temporary refuge from the real world of no employment opportunities. So the students who can no longer afford college are unemployed and the students who are a tad wealthier (for now) are staving off unemployment by convincing themselves (or being convinced by their equally clueless parents) that a college education equals a job. I try to tell my students right off the bat that a liberal arts education is not a trade school, nor is it a guarantee of later employment. You should see the looks I get…like I just lit a puppy on fire. And then I return home to emails from recent and not-so-recent graduates asking me what is new and saying how much they miss school and how they have no jobs or prospects for employment. And, occasionally, one or two mention that they are considering returning to school to get a teaching certificate. I don’t know what to say to that; I don’t have the heart.

    And then administrators scratch their clueless heads and try to figure out why enrollment is down and how the hell they are going to pay for all the expansion — all of the new buildings and empty classrooms that were somehow supposed to magically fill. And then someone mutters the word “downsizing…”

    And everybody suddenly has bigger and bigger daggers in their eyes and deans are told to re-arrange the deck (or is it department) chairs on the sinking ship the rats can’t bear to abandon.

    In not all that unrelated news, the formerly quiet block I live on has suddenly been the target of racist attacks. The Indian family across the street from me had their house spray-painted with a swastika and a “FUCK YOU ARABS” on their garage door. The African American families all had their houses TP’d, and another indian family on the adjacent block had their windows smashed in and “FUCK YOU OSAMA” spray-painted on their driveway.

    Coincidence? Poland 1939 or Kenosha 2008? Pretty fucking scary and sad.

    Just a little “news from home.”

  3. Hey, Jost, I was following the near-catastrophe on the tube while vacationing in Lisboa. Wow, man, what a freaking week! These masters of the universe had their clocks cleaned, oh yes. Do you all know how close we came to the complete collapse of this spectacle? Goddamn! This was a long time comin’. Deregulation has been the mantra since the time of The Great Communicator. Deregulation. Deregulation. Deregulation. Well, you got it, boys. Sons-a-bitches been gaming this system ever since Ronny Reagan turned them dogs loose with a righteous “siccem!” And what would you like to bet that even now, with the “promise” of greater oversight and “transparency” the talk of the town, these geniuses are trying to figure out ways to run the table once more? So the US gummit is gonna occupy Wall Street just as it has Iraq. Maybe Paulson can talk David Petreus into spearheading this surge, what the hell?

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