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It would appear that the astrological array of constellations is just not lined up in favor of our would-be Masters of the Universe, the dear Grand Old Party, currently convening themselves in St Paul, Minn.   First there was the hurricane which blew things into disarray, as Bush and Cheney scurried away, McCain arranged a Major Photo-Op and flew to the site of imminent disaster to show how on top of it he was as Commander-in-Chief-in-Waiting.   Then they let out with his Veep choice, which turned out to be the real disaster as Gustav chose to move slightly westward, miss NO, and blow both McCain’s and Bush’s chance for heroic posturing, and instead toss McCain into the National Enquirer gutter.  As this all transpired, the talking-heads of the Right all ponied up, apparently a little prematurely, to gush about the gutsy maverick choice of Palin, twisting themselves into pretzel-shapes trying to mince around their bashing of Obama for “inexperience” while explaining how the ex-mayor of a town of several hundred, 2 year Governor of Alaska (pop less than most smaller cities) was mystically ready for the Presidency in case McCain drops dead.   Then came the unmarried pregnant daughter story.   Ah well, it appears some things are just not in the stars this time around for the GOP.  That being so, they decided to pull in the Blackshirts up there in St Paul:

Under, or un-reported by the MainStreamMedia, otherwise known as the Corporate Propaganda Mechanism, has been the heavy-handed police state forces of Minpls-St Paul, under, apparently, the guidance of the Federal government (FBI, Secret Service), engaging in pre-emptive busts, and rather blunt intimidation, all to keep our citizens in line, raising not a peep of dissident complaint over the pleasures of the last 7+ Bush years.   Of course when during the Olympics the Chinese government was heavy-handed with dissident voices, our MSN made a great noise about it.  When its at home, however, silence:



  1. “Then came the unmarried pregnant daughter story.”

    I would not be that quick: “The Reality of the Political Mind by George Lakoff ”

  2. The Palin pick for VP makes a ton of political sense. From everything I’ve heard about her she seems like a narcissistic sociopath (like the current President) which is something that American’s love. It’s like we have a need to see an image of our national consciousness reflected back on us. The other thing it does is it makes the pro-life/anti-gay fundamentalist nut jobs relevant again. They were lukewarm about McCain, and in some cases even in danger of being swept up by Obama! But now they are back and with a vengeance. Someone like Palin appeals to them because these people want to accelerate “rapture” or “Armageddon”. They think they will be saved and their enemies (gay abortion doctors) will be smited and sent to hell and they can’t wait for that! Palin is young, inexperienced, arrogant and likely to screw up and cause World War 3. With McCain’s old age and questionable health, fundie psychos are probably creaming their pants at what could lie ahead. Politically this was a great move. I would not surprise me now if McCain were to defeat Obama in the fall.

    re: St. Paul, apparently the Republicans felt they needed to top the Democrats in their convention police tactics.

  3. Well it may make political sense in some ways, but unless my psychological tea-leave reading of the mass public mind (such a thing?) is totally off, I think the Republicans, if that’s what we can call them anymore (how about Fascists or Falangists or…) have wrapped themselves into a mind-boggling pretzel of contradictions from which only the dimmest of citizens could fail to make the disconnections. Palin is an upright Xtian fundamentalist of some kind, the kind who say hanky-panky outta marriage is VERBOTEN, and her own kid of 17 comes home preggy, and gets an absolution from McCain (a known womanizer), but I suspect the serious Christian-Fundamentalist is going to have a little dissonant feeling about this. The speechifiers at the convention inveigh against the “liberal” government in DC, their government in the last 8 yrs, and… Well I am sure 30% of the most hard-core corporate wallow-in-money + the reddest of dumbass rednecks will overlook all this and vote for McCain and Palin (if she’s around by then). About the rest, I dunno. I doubt it. But then there’ll be a lot of dicking with the voting process, the votes, and maybe an attack on Iran or somewhere, or a black-op attack on the USA to jiggle the equation by end of Oct. Who knows. I just know that we’re in a mess of a place politically in the USA, and some very ugly things are likely to happen, and once the dust has settled, whoever is running the show is going to have massive and deep problems to deal with. Oh, but Our Great Leader Bush said at the Olympics that the US doesn’t have any problems, right?

  4. The beast that is the Xtian Fundamentalist movement has been quiet of late. But they must have seething in that quietude. Now they are awake, all right, and they are hungry. Who would’ve thought that a rank mediocrity from Alaska would provide the spark?

    Man, I gotta say, this shit is bananas, and has given me chills. If I believed in our better nature I might not be in such a gloomy place this morn, but try as I might, I am having a real tough time discerning any other aspect of our national character besides greed, fear, and stupidity. Millions donating to victims of some natural catastrophe just doesn’t provide the necessary absolution you may be looking for. Not for me, anyway, I’m sorry. The image in my mind of these hordes is that hellish army of Orks in that Lord Of The Rings saga, who are secreting foul essences at the visions of plunder at the onset of war. And here in our own hell, you children don’t think these fiends are serious? You wanna go ahead and underestimate them? Well, you go right ahead then…

    “I hate war”. Did ya catch that? Unless it’s threatening to bomb Iran to protect the interests of the American plutocracy. That doesn’t qualify as war then, that must be called “doing God’s work”. Sarah Palin will make that case to the base while The Maverick winks and nods at the plutocracy and whispers in their ear that “she’s kidding”.

    If this craven tactic of choosing the moose-killer lands McCain in the White House he will be called a genius, and who will argue that point? Actually, it’s Karl Rove who once again has proved to be one slick sumbitch. Check it out: Steve Schmidt who came on the Straight Talk Express not too long ago is closely aligned with Rove. Additionally, Michael Goldfarb, Deputy comm. dir., worked under the tutelage of Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and PNAC fame. See how this works?

    You need not remind me that back in the late eighties/early nineties when Pat Buchanan and various Holy men on the Right were feeling pretty good about themselves and getting all worked up about Libruls and gays and Hollywood and a culture war, that none of this got them the Big Chair. But they sowed themselves some seeds and eventually what they reaped was Junior Bush. We are a narrow crossroad right now, I believe. Kind of like Robert Johnson coming upon The Father Of All Lies and striking that deal so he play what had never been heard. So is it true of this nation: Maintain the empire, espouse American values, strike the correct pose, and hit all right notes, and you can make a similar deal. A man’s gotta care who’s he shaking hands with, is all I’m saying.

    I’m not in love with Obama. He’s another corporate pol, for sure. But that’s all one can expect under this representational gummint of ours (actually we’re humming between a representative democracy and an overt minority dictatorship). Which is why the likes of Kucinich and Nader are doing other things right now. We like to believe we’re populist and all that. Well, we ain’t. Anyway, back to Obama, I’d actually like to see what this world becomes with a black man behind the wheel. That intrigues me.

    Here we go again, I guess.

    Owsley out.

  5. If indeed certain Americans rise in sufficient numbers and take the Palin bait, along with the McCain HanoiHiltonHero story, and indeed the Republicans are reinstalled in the White House, I think we could then fairly write-off the American experiment. It’d be a quick slide as we took on the terrists and the heathens, at home and abroad, and the streets of the Homeland, bedecked in stripes and blackshirt “peacekeepers.”
    However, even with the jiggled vote systems, suppression, etc. I am somewhat optimistic and think this will be another cyclical shift in the pendulum of America’s political mood swing, and for sure we’ll be in for another decade of culture wars, though this time with the Hannity’s et al back again in the minority, where in fact they always were. It won’t shut them up, if anything make them more shrill I suppose. An old American story.

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