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A few days after the alleged perpetrator of the anthrax attacks of 2001, hot on the heels of 9/11, supposedly committed suicide just before the vaunted FBI was going to nail him, the internet is full of stories on the case.  Or more precisely full of stories on how the MSM seems, along with the government, eager to wrap this all up and put it to bed, or preferably in a grave.  Kind of like how the government didn’t want an investigation of 9/11 itself, pressed hard to avoid one, stone-walled when it couldn’t avoid it altogether, and ended up with a ridiculous allegedly independent report that neglected to even mention the 3rd WTC building that went down, never mind all the other very loose ends involved.

In this instance the FBI, arm of the government, having accused one party of the evil deed, harrassing him for years though finally upchucking some $4 million in damages, now says it was another guy who is suddenly conveniently dead by his own hand.  At the same time, similar to 9/11’s patterns (highups told to cease flying commercial planes prior to 9/11), out come the stories of Cheney and others high up, on advice from high-level authorities, beginning to gobble anti-anthrax pills prior to the attacks.  Hmmmm…

As you’ll recall the anthrax attacks were eagerly laid at the feet of one Saddam Hussein, mustached honcho of that gigantic threat, Iraq, (pop. at the time 23,000,000, half of whom were under age 16), and used in order to hype the necessity to stop this New Hitler before it was too late and he unleashed his vaunted Weapons of Mass Destruction, including those nasty chemicals to be found in his clever mobile WMD labs.

Now we are to believe that one suspect shown innocent, another has offed himself – sophisticated professional of poisons – with some handy Tylenol (!), and that while he’d been fingered by his supposed therapist as a psycho would-be mass killer and revenge nut (though his friends say this is an unrecognizable portrait), he was allowed to stay at his post in an utterly high-security government laboratory dicking around with lethal substances to his heart’s content.

Ah, but not to worry, your trusty government is on the case, and as you well know, the FBI, the CIA, and verily your own president would never tell you anything but the truth.

Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.  Unfortunately for Mr Bush and Mr Cheney their command of events seems to be slithering out of control and the klutzy finger is pointing ever more clearly directly at them.  The fickle finger of fate.  Or what a tangled web we weave….

The victims.

There is a really thrilling and scary movie lurking in all this, and with the added benefit of that great PR line:

It’s All True !

The alleged “suicide by Tylenol” and perpetrator of the Anthrax Attacks

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