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FROZEN RIVER, new film out, set in upstate NY.

…Ms. Hunt’s eye for detail has the precision of a short story writer’s. She misses nothing, not even the model of the car Ray drives (a Dodge Spirit) and the supper Ray serves one night when she is out of cash: popcorn and Tang.

Says the reviewer.  But then look at the slide show that accompanies the review suggests that Mr Holden has never actually been to or lived around lives like those the film is ostensibly about, and ditto neither the director, cinematographer, etc. have either.  Elsewise how explain the fresh outta costumes dept. clothes that have not a smudge of dirt, not a tear, not a threadworn sleeve, etc.  Explain the smuggler’s car that lacks dirt or a dent, especially after driving the kind of snow covered roads the story requires.   I read the review sympathetically, and looking at the picture above already smelled the movie fakery, and then a run through the slideshow confirmed it.  Makes one wonder then if the acting, the words said, etc. is as phony.  Is it below these people to go to a thrift store to get their costumes?

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