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Marcella and I will be doing a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the Vietnam Cinema Department, for 6 days, August 18-24.  The following week we’ll travel a bit, to Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

Here’s an update on coming October trip:

Oct. 17, Friday, Ross Media Center, UN-L, Lincoln, NE.

Screening of PARABLE (73 mins), and probably also AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD (23′), plus unfinished version of SWIMMING IN NEBRASKA (will have 40-50 mins).  All works were shot in/around Lincoln while on an artist’s residency 2006-7.  In evening.

Oct. 19, Sunday, Facets Multi-Media, Chicago IL.

Screening OVER HERE (76 mins) and some other short works.  Afternoon-evening.

Oct. 22, Wednesday, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ.

Morning talk, showing various clips of past work, from very early to most recent.

Oct. 24, Friday, Lincoln Center Film Society, Lincoln Center, NYC.

Evening screening of OUI NON (112 mins) and OVER HERE (76′), evening.

Oct. 25, Saturday, Millennium Film Workshop, NYC

Afternoon workshop 1-5:30; evening screening of LA LUNGA OMBRA (76 mins) and AT PLAY

If I come up with anything more, or there’s a change, will post here.





  1. Howdy, Jon. It’s good being able to post. I used to drop in every now and again at CE. Then it crashed…I was never able to sign on after that, and frankly, I lost interest, for while the conversation and ideas which were batted about were very interesting and often illuminating, the choir-like howls of voices in the same register made it too suffocating a stop. But, that’s me.

    Have you got any additional info on the NYC w/shop in October? That sounds tasty. My DVX has got go in for repairs. It’s stopped recording sound. It just stopped. Whoever heard…? And just when I’ve finally gotten my credit card(s) balance down to zero. Sucks. I’m furious!

    Anyway, some additional info, if you please.

  2. It’ll be a quickie afternoon workshop; show some things, send folks out for an hour or so to shoot under instructions, take a look at it; show a little more and hope people learn enough to then go on exploring on their own. I’ll show film separately during evening.

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