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This little Monica doesn’t give blowjobs (so far as we know)

Instead she commits crimes for Karl Rove and George Bush while working in the “Justice Department.”  Her job was to weed out any libruls, however qualified for the public jobs as prosecutors, etc., and insert instead reliable trustworthy, if legally incompetent or totally unqualified, Federalist Society “conservatives.”  In this context “conservative” might be more properly translated as “authoritarian fascist with a so-called Christian veneer,” and naturally, “a Bushie.”

Not long ago we had a President impeached for lying (he did lie) about getting a BJ from another little Monica.  However, these not so many years later our Congress trembles to initiate impeachment for a very long laundry list of far graver lies and crimes, among them this little Monica’s participation in the illegal corruption of Alberto Gonzale’s Department of (so-called) Justice.

And thus did America’s experiment in democracy go flushing down the toilet, bought by the highest bidders (oil, pharm, military-industrial complex) and the servile salesmen of Congress all too eager to cash in on their crumbs off the table.


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